ADOPTED! Ozzie is a gorgeous boy, a tad over a year old, and weighing a lil’ over 40 pounds. All our dogs are mixed breeds, and we cannot claim to know what is mixed in them, but we suspect Ozzie has a lot of Red Heeler, or Australian Cattle Dog, in him. He needs a fenced yard, an experienced owner, and lots of activity. He’s very intelligent, high-energy, friendly and loyal. He's very much a cattle dog, and has needed additional training by an expert of the breed, to help him with his herding tendencies and his reactivity. He's been making wonderful progress, and we think he'll be ready for adoption soon. New owners will likely need to work with a trainer once or twice after getting him, and we think he'll do best being an only dog. He is currently at the prison with his trainer, whom he ADORES (and it's mutual). We're delighted to be in an alliance with the Humane Society of Davie County for Ozzie.